World’s Most Expensive Toys

In the world of toys..

Toys hold special places in children’s hearts. Children on the other hand will find pleasure, entertainment and happiness when playing with their toys in total disregard of the price of those toys. For many years, “toys” for the big boys such as motorbikes and cars used to be the most expensive ones but recently, toys for children are fetching top dollars.

Advancement in technology has produced Hi-tech toys that come with overwhelming price tags. Therefore before you hit the toy stores to buy one for your son or daughter, you need to have a look at the following list of the world’s most expensive toys.

Let’s discover the most expensive Pieces of nostalgia in the market

G.I. Joe Toy Soldier Prototype

This toy soldier has 21 movable parts, has a hand-stitched sergeant’s uniform and it measures only 11.5 inches. It is the most expensive vintage collectible toy that was sold for $200,000 in 2003 at an auction. Although you can’t get this 1963 toy soldier, you can be lucky to get a 1994 Manimals Vortex MOC C-7 at eBay for $20,000.

Gold Rocking Horse

Toy rocking horses hold a special part of a child’s toy collection. First, it has got an appeal that doesn’t fade away and also, it is the kind of legacy toys that are passed from one generation to another.

The solid gold handmade rocking toy that was designing for Japan’s prince Hisato is the most expensive rocking horse toy to date. It is reported that Beyonce and Jay Z bought one for their daughter Blue Ivy at $600,000 for a version of this rocker.

Diamond Choker Barbie

A Barbie is one of the most beloved toys to a little girl. This world’s most expensive Barbie doll gets its world most expensive look from the black strapless evening dress with 160 diamonds, and white gold miniature jewelry. The most expensive Barbie on record was sold for $302,000. Nonetheless, you can get the one-of-a-kind 40th anniversary Barbie at $85.000.

Steiff Teddy Bear

This fur made teddy bear has eyes of sapphires and diamonds while its mouth is made of pure solid gold. Since they were created to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the teddy bear company, there are only 125 of these bears in existence. If you are lucky to find one in the toy stores, you will have to part with £43,000-the most expensive teddy bear. The highest price ever made for one of these teddy bears was $193,000.

The Darth Vader Fighting Helmet

The same Darth Vader fighting helmet from the Empire Strikes Back was created for Bob Anderson, the fencing champ to give him clearer vision when taking the role of Darth Vader for the fight sequences. It goes for $115,000.

Gundam Fix Platinum Toy Robot

It is the most expensive toy robot in the world. It is only 12.5 centimeters, 1.4 kilograms and has 89 parts made of pure platinum. Besides, its eyes are made of 0.15 carat diamond. Ironically, this most expensive toy robot is meant to only promote its other versions that are for sale.

Lionel 3360 Burro Crane

It is a prototype for many model cranes of the 1950s. Though it looks humble and unassuming, it is the priciest toy that was sold on eBay for $85,000 in an online auction. With this amount one can buy a 2012 BMW convertible!

Nintendo Wii Supreme

It has a 22 karat gold coated body with the front buttons adorned with 78 quarter-cut diamonds. It was created by Stuart Hughes, who also made the most expensive iPhone. This toy is valued in the range of $485,000.

Toys for a happy childhood – they are irreplaceable

Regardless of their price, toys provide entertainment to children and also help them have a happy childhood. Besides, they are very important for children’s mental, cognitive, and physical development. Toys are children’s priciest assets.

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Toys To Enjoy When You Are Alone

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Toys Even Your Grandfather Would Enjoy

Your grandfather can play like you too!

It is the small things that make life meaningful and worth living. People of all ages need some form of entertainment for them to be happy and enjoy every moment of their life. The old man has a lot of free time since he is not in active employment. Sometimes, life can be boring for him. That’s the time he needs something to enjoy doing…like having a toy to play with! Who said it that it is only kids who need toys in order to be happy?

Cool toys for your grandpa

Candle Seesaw Kit

If your grand father is a science loving person, then this is one of the coolest toys he can use to entertain his guests. More so, it can be classical when he unlashes it during those thanks giving ceremonies to avoid awkward discussions. This fascinating table décor will leave all the kids and adults talking about it.

It is simple, when the candle is lit, the spring is heated and expands hence moving the weight and seesaw the two characters on it. When the spring cools, the spring contracts and seesaws back the two characters. The process repeats itself for several hours with only one candle.

Electric Button Machine Makey Makey

It is a toy of its own kind that crosses the divide between digital and organic. It has polychromatic pepper piano out of yellow red, green and orange sweet peppers. It also has a control pacman made of graphite. Your grandpa is able to play Mario using a playdoh game pad.

Black powder salute cannon

It is real loud miniature cannon. If your grandpa is the kind who loves birds, then he can feed them with this toy cannon. He will need black powder, a real fuse line and loafs of wonder bread. One shot and awesome debris is spread over the field to the birds to scramble for as you grandpa laughs his heart out!

Video recording mini drone

Your grandfather can be a spy from the sky! This cool Kodo drone can record HD video. It has automatic vertical flips and saves the videos onto a memory card. It is an amazing piece of machinery and definitely your grandpa will enjoy.

Phantom thinking putty (foxfire/green)

It is described as the most advanced silly putty of the 21st century. It changes color in the sun, it glows, makes fart noises, stretches and your grand father will enjoy writing on it with its LED pen. It is a very interesting putty to play with and you will be amazed. Also, it is a good stress reliever for your old folk! Your grandfather can call it puddy, or putty, but it is an awesomely cool toy for him.

Cincinnati Reds Mr., Potato head

With this eleven piece Cincinnati Reds Mr. potato, your grandpa will enjoy creating a variety of hilarious configurations. He will definitely have fun arranging baseball cap, game faces, assorted arms and team jerseys. This 6 inch toy is perfect for all kids and adults who are collectors and proud Reds funs.

Deluxe fake dog poo with corn and hair

The deluxe fake dog crap is a perfect way to trick and disgust people and at the end leaving them laughing hard. Your grand can place it on the living room carpet and neither of his friends will tell that it is fake without coming close or touching it. It is closest to the real poo!

Gone are the good old days…

At that age, you grandfather will spend a lot of time cherishing those moments he used to be a kid. The games he played and the collections of his toys that were dear to him. Now and again he will be wishing for a playtime with you-his grandchild. The best way to do it is to get some toys from the stores for him and play together!




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Cities Famous for their Toy Stores

Brief History on Toy Stores

Whether you find yourself window shopping or buying a gift for a child at a toy store, you need not settle for less meaning that you need to find a toy store that is well equipped with a variety of toys. Toy stores did not just start recently and toy store have been in existence for quite a long time, with companies dating back to the 19th Century. Nonetheless, over this period, there are cities in the world that have partially grown because of their fully well equipped toy stores. These cities have the best toy stores and you shopping for a toy in these stores is more than a life time experience.

Cities with Toy Stores

A number of cities contain a number of toy stores while others have one major toy store in the city, either way the city benefits a lot from these toy stores and tourists even visit their cities just to see the toy store.

  1. New York City – American Girl Place, FAO Schwarz, Toys R Us

Known mainly for business activities, NYC is also famous for its toy stores. Some such as FAO Schwarz date back to 1862, showing that they have built a legacy when it comes to toy stores. FAO Schwarz closed in July 2015 but there still are famous stores such as Toys R Us located at the Times Square. Toys R Us has approximately 110,000 square feet of toys placed on the walls.

  1. Tokyo – Toy Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan also is a city famous for its toy store, Toy Tokyo toy store is the largest store in the city. Toy Tokyo contains a variety of rare toys in the Asian culture together with other famous modern toys in the toy store

  1. London – Hamleys

With seven floors of toys and game activities in this store, the Hamleys brings London to life when it comes to toy stores. It has existed since the 18th Century and if s toy home for locals and tourists visiting the area. All the toys in the stores are sure to make you want to come back for more when you visit London whether you are young or old.

  1. Lisbon – The Doll Hospital

In Lisbon, the love for dolls ensures that if your doll damages; there is somewhere where your doll is fixable. The Doll Hospital is famous for its ability when it comes to repair dolls. The store also sells dolls from Germany and Spain for children and has done so since 1830.

  1. 1. Buenos Aires – Barbie Store

The first ever toy store for the famous toy character, Barbie is located in Buenos Aires. The city boasts this trademark since 2007 and since then the toy store has been attracting tourists whose children enjoy Barbie to acquire Barbie toys and accessories.

Final Thought

Buying toys needs you to look at something more than just a character; you need to build an experience for you and for your child. Visiting these cities whether a local or a tourist, you should never miss out on such an opportunity to see the best toy stores.

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